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Dhanuraasana or the bow pose is the eight part of the hatha yoga. It helps to maintain a great back and provides you the flexibility and strength along the entire length of the spinal cord. There are many reasons why one should perform this yoga one of the m being that is a good yoga exercise for diabetes.

Meaning :

Dhanura means bow and asana means pose so Dhanurasana in Sanskrti means the bow pose.

Benefits :

The yoga pose increases the flexibility and the strength of the body and improves the structure of the spine.
The entire effect of the yogic posture stretches along the legs, arms, shoulders and neck.
This asana helps to relax the digestive organs thus preventing problems like constipation. This cures conditions like diabetes.
Dhanurasana improves appetite and digestion within the body thus keeping the internal system clear of toxins.
The pancreas is regulated well and thus Dhanurasana is necessary do for those having diabetes. Pancreas secretes insulin, which is necessary for prevention for diabetes.
The entire region of the chest is expanded thus providing easy air flow.

There are many other mental benefits of Dhanurasana and this includes small problems like improving concentration, and relaxing stressful situations.

Technique :

Lie on the stomach, make a pillow of your head, and keep one cheek on your hands.
Touch the toes and relax alternate the side of the head while in this position and do it on both sides of the neck.
Take your hands from below your head.
Keep your forehead, chin on the mat, then bend knees, and grab your ankles.
Now lift the chest and head while inhaling and then lift the knees upwards.
Arch the body and keep the elbows straight.
Hold this position for around half a minute and then exhale with the legs back on the floor.

All these only contribute to curing the condition of diabetes in people.