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This is an easier form of Mayurasana. In Hamsasana, the toes rest on the ground. The body in this posture should, however, be in a straight-line,. Practice of Hamsasana helps very much in the practice of Mayurasana.

Benefits:Almost all the benefits of Mayurasana are derived by Hamsasana. Digestion is improved. Sluggishness of the liver is removed. Liver enlargement is cured. Organs of the abdomen and lungs are toned up. All the gastrointestinal disorders are cured
Halasana is directly working with your thyroid and parathyroid gland because the bending of your complete body and your back stimulates them. The yoga pose is thus very good for our blood purification system.
The fluid released by doing this posture increases the production of white blood cells in our body which supports our immune system.
Halasana stretches the spinal column, shoulder muscles and hamstrings. This is why it is beneficial against back pain. As a result of that, it helps against stress and fatigue as well as insomnia and head ache caused by tension in those muscles. As it is an inverted pose, it also enhances the blood flow to the head.
This yoga pose is also beneficial for the abdominal organs and gives them a nice stimulation.
Through this it enhances and enriches the sexual power in men and women.
Woman can benefit from it because Halasana is good for fertility, and reduces the negative symptoms of the menopause.
Men get benefits from this exercise as it increases the stamina of the sperm. It is also very good for achieving a good sexual performance and preventing premature ejaculation.
The movement and stimulation of the organs detoxifies the organs. This is also a supportive exercise if you want to lose weight or if you are suffering from diabetes.