Drinking tea is a flavorful way to getting enough fluids and nutrients into the body each day. Scientist have shown that drinking tea in lab studies by Havard School of Public Health in humans and animal the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties will lower the risk factors in diabetes. The different plants and herbs used in tea on a daily basis can aide your body’s immune system, act as a natural diuretic and can be a great way to help manage diabetes.

Today the secrets of the world’s tea’s that are grown worldwide are available to us for are health benefits. The tea’s I will list can actually improve your life, when we look back in history as we follow the road from the beginning.

diabetic tea

The origin of tea is sometime disputed, but china was trading tea 100 BC on the silk road from china to the Mediterranean sea as records show.

For years merchants have traveled all over the world making trades and introducing the popular beverage tea. In managing our diabetes we know that polyphenols in tea chemical compounds can provide potential health benefits. Tea in its natural form (no sugars added) is healthier than soft drinks. The different properties in tea can have life changing effects on are health.when we look back in history.

The china’s tang or western Han dynasty traded herbs and spices as tea gain prestige and status in trade value.
At one point in time, tea was give as elaborate gifts to royalty and nobility. The tea was exchanged for everything from ponies to jewels, dried herbs, and spices. Tea’s origin has many ancient concepts’ spirituality and philosophy.

The basics of preparation were to pick leaves from wild trees mixing with spices and fruit essences, than boiled with water in porcelain pots.the method of brewing varied from culture to culture, but the concept is still the same today.

Ginger tea

For centuries ginger has been known for its wealth of nutrients a nonactive compounds. True super food with scientist studies. This spice has been used for more than 5,000 year to treat common ailments

Most people know of ginger because of the inventor of Ginger Ale. John McLaughlin who was a Canadian pharmacist in 1907                                                                                                                             click image to order

today Canada dry Ginger Ale is still a very popular drink. Dry ginger ale is commonly used to combat stomach upset.

Also, used as a mixer for alcoholic beverages. Ginger can be used fresh, powered, dried as a spice, oil form or a juice. The best way I like is to consume ginger is as a tea.

For diabetics when consuming ginger tea on a regular basis, this super food will aid in secretion of insulin and reduce insulin resistance natural. This help the body naturally to repair itself from the damage of high glucose in the blood stream. A cup of ginger tea morning or night also improves kidney and liver functions in the body

Dandelion tea

In the united states dandelions are hated are considered weeds.

Every year these pesky plants invade are lawns.we use all types of chemicals on are lawn to rid of dandelions, but they are hardy plants and come back year after year.studies have show the nutritional values of dandelion leafy greens are as healthy as kale and broccoli. Dandelions are packed with vitamins.

Vitamin A and C

vitamin E and K                                                                                                                      click image to order

iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium

the best thing about dandelion all parts can be eating from the flower to the root.(never eat dandelions that have been treated with pesticides) Dandelion leaf or root has been link to significant reduce the fasting blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetics. Did you know that dandelion are one of the most nutritious plants in the world. The Chinese have been using dandelion in traditional medicine for over a thousand years.this is why I have picked dandelion tea because of its health benefits.

To make dandelion root tea (Or click on the link here to order)

preparation cleans the root with water rinse in strainer

cut into small pieces add to small pot with water

boil for an hour.

Let cool in pot.drain juice in a cup.

Drink 2oz to 4oz

this juice taken once or twice a day will help manage the symptoms of diabetes and natural detoxifying the body.this remedy also helps other ailments like kidney function liver gallbladder.

Moringa tea (Ben oil tree)

The national institute of heath 2008 plant of the year.moringa potent antioxidant tea has been used in over 1,300 studies for its healing benefits. This plant excellent source of vitamin A, calcium, potassium, protein and vitamin C

Around the world moringa has been used to treat (click the image to order)






Blood pressure

kidney stone


Will improve fasting blood glucose levels.Moringa contains an acid which is called chlorogenic acid which allows cells to take up and release glucose as needed.Antidiabetic balancing properties moringa has a compound called isothiocyanates which is a natural protection against diabetes.


Chaya(cnidoscolus aconitifolus)

This plant native to Belize and central American.scientific studies have confirmed what Belizean and Maya shaman have known for centuries that eating a small amount of chaya after or as part of a meal will lower blood glucose levels.

A study by Texas A&M University confirmed the anti-diabetic properties of chaya.” Following the oral administration of chaya tea, to diabetic rabbits in their drinking water has shown a gradually lowering of blood glucose levels.Chaya has been recommended for many ailments including diabetes, obesity, kidney stones, hemorrhoids, acne and eye problems.

To make chaya tea i have found  only a small number of companys’ that ship the tea.          Click image to order 

in the raw form boil leaves

in hot water

stir slowly to mix

boil for 10 min

let sit for 5min

drink slowly and enjoy

add pinch of salt

squeeze lime

drink 3 cups a day will work as a natural diuretic cleans the body lower blood sugar and cleans the liver.

Tea is world’s most popular drink

In conclusion no matter hot tea or iced tea the benefits to improving your health by drinking tea’s of the world are unlimited. Sometime we have been reminded of thing that are right in front of are face. We have many choices and a lot of opportunities to correct thing that are ailing us. The refreshing flavors and herbal property have real medical value.