Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder however; beauty is also an indication of how healthy you are. Yoga is one way of ensuring that your beauty lasts forever. Yoga is a very old practice that promotes good health and provides you with a holistic approach to wellness and healing processes. This is a very good practice to imbibe in our everyday life.

Yoga helps to improve health on a regular basis and relieves the stress within.

It relaxes the muscles and nerves and strengthens body and mind.

It helps to control ailments like cold, cough, and backaches and diseases like diabetes, arthritis pain, health conditions like blood pressure, asthma etc and eradicates depression.

Yoga is the best bet for weight loss and helps you to have the correct body weight.

There are other health issues for women like menopause, menstrual disorder, polycystic ovary syndrome that are all cured with the help of regular yoga.

When overall health is taken care of, natural beauty is enhanced automatically.

The various yoga poses only give you a figure you would be happy to show off. This increases the suppleness and the flexibility and you would be endowed with a special glow on the face, a glow that charms you forever.

Yoga is a good detoxicant and helps to purify the system. It aids in providing proper nutrition at the base cellular level and thus increase the beauty of the face. When there are no toxins, the skin too does not have much to worry about as the pores in the skin no longer are squashed .

Now get rid of other scars like acne and such blemishes and enjoy a fruitful life with yoga.

In this manner, yoga is a regular way you could achieve the right kind of glow in the face.

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