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It is usually performed early in the morning or in the evening on an empty stomach.

Benefits :
Surya Namaskar gives strength as well as flexibility to the body.
The entire process is a way of rejuvenating the entire body.
All emotions of love, compassion, peace and love are nurtured with the help of sun salutation.
When the Suryanamaskar is performed, it makes the body more aware of the chakras inside and provides a sense of relaxation and relief.

Technique :
Stand with the feet together balancing your entire weight on both the legs relaxing in the shoulder. Inhale and lift both the arms upwards and when you exhale, bring the palms together in front in the position of praying.
Now breathe in and lift the arms and stretch the entire body.
Then breathe in and bend forward with the spine erect. Now exhale and bring the hands downwards near the feet.
Now breathe in pushing the right leg behind bringing the knee towards the floor and look upwards.
Now breathe in taking the left leg behind and then bring the entire body in a straight line.
Now bring the knees to the floor while exhaling. The hips are taken behind moving forward resting the chin and the chest on the floor. Raise your back a bit.
Now bring the chest up in the position of a cobra keeping the elbows bent and the shoulders a little away from the ears.
Breathe out lifting the hips and the tail bone upwards with the chest below.
Then you have the equestrian pose again
Then breathe in and bring the spine up and take your hands up and go backwards thus pushing the hip outward.
End the Suryanamaskar with the Tadasana where you exhale and gradually straighten the body and bring the arms down and relax.