Occurred on November 28, 2023 / Pungoteague, Virginia, USA

: “Our daughter Raelynn has Type 1 diabetes and during this particular night she was also sick with the flu. While she was sleeping, her medical alert dog (named Spy) came to warn us that something was wrong. We thought it was strange because we had just given Raelynn her insulin only an hour before. But Spy was clearly worried and letting us know that something was wrong, so we needed to check. I hate that we had to wake her up but it was important that we didn’t ignore Spy. We checked her glucose levels using her meter because her Dexcom device was in warm-up mode, which causes no reading for 2 hours. It was showing a dangerously high reading. We weren’t sure if it was a result of her flu or if there was an issue with her insulin pump device or if it was the illness so we called her doctor and found out that she just needed a much higher insulin dose than normal that week because she was more insulin resistant due to having the flu. Spy is such a blessing to our family and we truly can’t be more thankful.”

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