The Kombucha people sitting around all day…
[]I don’t think this is creepy at all. I’ve swam with sharks many, many times. They’re nothing to be afraid of, and every time people post a sensationalist video or gif or pic that demonizes them, we’re just helping damn a species that already has to put up with a lot of shit from us. You know what’s really creepy? Destroying the oceans. Humans are the scary ones, not sharks.
[]My personal favorite, “is it fun working here?”
[]I would say yes, when we have ~100% certainty that the torturee knows where a bomb or viral weapon is. Chances are he won’t talk or lie if he does. But if all other avenues have been exhausted and lives are at stake, logic dictates that the needs of the many must outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.
[]That’s a cane toad mate
[]Started as Software Engineer and now engineering management
[]I don’t think Jesus Christ had lotus boob. I mean, I’m not 100% sure.
[]So basically, there’s a dive mechanism in the game which is basically a Swan dive. You run off the edge, Swan dive and go down a couple metres in the water. In this gif, he jumped too early for it to be recognised that he’s jumping off a height, it’s just a normal jump, so the dive mechanism didn’t kick in. Resulting in a plop instead of a splash.
[]”Is there air in this bottle of wine?”
[]I stand corrected. I guess we’ll have to disagree; he was fine in the role but the role was not compelling enough to me to carry whole episodes.
[]Tru. Also, I remember there was a test were they tied them to an anchor to see if they could get out of it. So your answer makes sense.
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[]Even without added sugar, there is a lot of sugar that occurs naturally in all fruit.
[]Just that sick girl :/
[]the power to shit other peoples pants.
[]Thank god it can’t insult people’s mothers yet, or else stand up would be out of a job.
[]I have never seen loan terms like what your father is quoting. Call a bank or credit union and talk to someone.
[]I’d be ok with $100/hr for what I do.
[]So far no luck with recommandations there.

Tipp: So far I am severely missing a “no interest” button for recommendations. ‘Cause the recommedation engine recommends me some comedies, I am sure as hell not interested in. But I do not want to mark them as seen or dislike. I am just not interested in them – because I am not interested in comedies, as long as they are not animated.
[]That is not how diabetes works
[]This was 2013
[]The U.S. Presidential candidate options…
[]Aww future moon-moon
[]Why do you say that?