Dr Russell blaylock & Dr. Stanley Montieth on Radio Liberty (radioliberty.com) 15-Feb-2007

* Guest is Dr. Russell Blaylock. Author, ‘Health & Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life’, and ”Excitotoxins: The Taste that kills” which includes all the names that MSG is marketed under. He also writes the ‘Blaylock wellness report’. http://www.russellblaylockmd.com/

* MSG is an excitotoxin, like Aspartame.

* Recent studies indicate that there are glutamate receptors found throughout the entire body (not just the brain, as previously thought), including the heart, and reproductive organs, and bones too.

* Damage from excitotoxicity is compounded by low magnesium levels in diet. Fluoride also causes excitotoxicity and damage. Mercury toxicity is magnified when combined with glutamates. Also, when different glutamates are combined, the effect is more toxic.

* Soy concentrates are high in glutamates.

* Certain cancers have a high density of glutamate receptors, when stimulated making the cancer tumor grow much faster. if you block these glutamate receptors, cancer recovery is enhanced, including chemotherapy. NB many foods in cancer patients’ diets are high in glutamates.

* Food labeling is deceptive, as there are many different names used to hide glutamates. unless it is 99.9% pure MSG, the law allows the names to be changed to other names such as vegetable extract, yeast extract, hydrolyzed vegetable protein etc.. In order to disguise the MSG.

* MSG is a powerful stimulator of production of free radicals in the body. A single dose of MSG in lab tests, results in high generation of free radicals from infancy, right through into adulthood — from a single dose!

* MSG drives cholesterol into the blood vessel walls.

* 45 million people in USA have ‘metabolic syndrome’. MSG can directly induce this syndrome, along with type II diabetes. glutamate receptors in pancreas regulate the release of insulin. Also affects lipid use in body.

* This information is hidden in the research, but is published in scientific literature but is is being ignored in the mainstream media despite extensive research. Most of this information is not found in the clinical medical journals, rather they are found in the basic science journals. there is considerable evidence and proof for those that look.

* Visceral fat, linked to depression and sleep apnea. CLA is an effective treatment for getting rid of visceral fat.

* This problem goes way beyond what used to be known as ‘Chinese restaurant syndrome’.

* Damage can be reversed, and symptoms can be cured.

* Excitotoxicity plays a major role in Multiple sclerosis, lupus and diabetes. Those suffering from these conditions need to avoid MSG and excitotoxins at all costs and their conditions will improve dramatically.

“Monosodium Glutamate and excitotoxins are extremely pro-inflammatory. Excitotoxicity causes Inflammation. Inflammation is is the central cause in most disease such as:

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