Mineral Deficiencies That LOWER Your IQ (Intelligence)-Dr Burg
0:00 Introduction: Understanding IQ
1:15 Top mineral deficiencies that lower IQ
3:45 The best foods to boost your IQ
4:02 Other deficiencies associated with low IQ
4:30 How sugar affects cognitive function
6:10 How keto affects cognitive function
8:20 Key takeaways
8:33 Learn more about brain health!

Four mineral deficiencies can lower your IQ, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Top mineral deficiencies that lower your IQ:
1. Iodine
2. Zinc
3. Copper
4. Magnesium

The best foods for your IQ are:
• Seafood
• Shellfish
• Leafy greens
• Vegetables
• Nuts

A vitamin D deficiency has also been correlated with learning disabilities, lower IQ, and poor cognitive function—and an iron deficiency has been associated with low IQ.

There are other things that can potentially lower your IQ as well, like sugar. High blood sugar can potentially affect a person’s cognitive function, memory, and IQ.

People with diabetes, on average, have a lower IQ by 7.84 points. High sugar in the blood can also shrink the hippocampus, leaving you with less capacity for memory and learning.

When you feed the brain neurons too much sugar, you destroy the synapsis. Thankfully, an alternative fuel source called ketones can provide the energy the neurons need.

The brain doesn’t need to adapt to using ketones as fuel. As long as there are ketones in the blood, it can start using them as fuel immediately. If the brain has a choice between ketones or glucose, it will always pick ketones as a primary fuel.

The brain is very vulnerable to the diet you’re on. But, if you’re on a keto and fasting plan, even if there is damage to the brain, the brain cells can get energy. You will see more and more benefits the longer you’re on a keto and fasting plan. It can take time, but it’s worth it.

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