Lose a Pot Belly Fast With These 3 Foolproof Habits, Trainer Says.
Trimming down in the midsection—aka the “pot belly” area—is a common fitness goal many people share, and for good reason.
Having extra belly fat can be hazardous to your health, making you more likely to develop heart disease, liver issues, and diabetes.
In order to lose a pot belly, living a healthy lifestyle is key, including eating a healthy diet and getting in regular exercise.
When it comes to choosing the right exercises, you should focus on a blend of strength training and cardio workouts, with a major emphasis on the strength portion.
Strength training builds muscle, elevates your metabolism, and burns more calories than cardio.
I recommend most people strength train at least three times per week and perform aerobic activity in between.
If you’re already lifting weights and doing cardio, yet still struggle to shrink belly fat, then there may be a couple of exercise habits you’re missing.
Here are three foolproof habits you need to incorporate in order to help lose a pot belly fast.
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