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Yoga is considered as a powerful tool to treat any type of disease and disorder. There are various yoga poses and each of them is performed in a different way and has its own benefits. Kati Chakrasana is one of the yoga poses that help to control the deadly disease called diabetes. Diabetes is a kind of disease in which patient has to take tablets or drugs throughout the life. The rates of diabetes patients are increasing at an alarming speed because of sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy habits, stress, high blood pressure, over weight and unhealthy eating habits. Kati Chakrasana yoga pose works like a magic potion for diabetes. This yoga pose is helpful for both types of diabetes: type I and type II. Compared to type I diabetes, type II is easy to treat with Yoga.
Kati Chakrasana is a Sanskrit word, which means rotation of the waist. In Kati Chakrasana, Kati refers to “waist/lower back” and chakra refers to “circle/rotation,” so it is known as Waist Rotating Pose in English. It is very simple and easy to perform but has multiple benefits. It helps to eliminate the extra fat from the stomach and waist as well as makes the waist more flexible and supple. There are two ways to perform this asana.