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On Good Returns, we have started a new show “Startup Mantra”. In this show we will introduce you to some of the startup founders of India whose brain child product is contributing to Indian economy. We all know that India becomes the third largest startup ecosystem in the world. Startups are increasing continuously in India in the last two decades.

HealthTech Sector in India:
Healthcare has drastically evolved over the past decade in India. From affordable insurance, and easy access to doctors and medicines to the invention of tech-enabled life-savings treatments, quality of healthcare is growing by leaps and bounds – thanks to innovation and disruption offered by mushrooming health tech start-ups. What you see today is just a glimpse of what the future has in store!
Today We are in conversation with the Founders of Breathe Well-Being.

About Breathe Well-Being:
Founded in 2020 by ex-management consultants from Accenture and McKinsey- Breathe Well-Being helps people Reverse their Type 2 Diabetes.
Breathe Well-Being is considered as India’s No.1 Clinically proven Diabetes reversal company, helping people lower their HbA1c and Blood glucose levels through lifestyle modification. Company uses a combination of world-class coaches, nutrition experts, a gamified platform, and integrate our platform with rewards and recognition.The program revolves around cutting edge solutions in physical, mental and emotional well-being that unleash your true potential.

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