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Eating cashew nuts removes body diseases and enhances beauty also. In today’s video we have the advantages and disadvantages of eating cashew nuts.

Advantages of eating cashew nuts
– Cholesterol Level Control
– Make the teeth strong
– Beneficial for kidney and liver
– Good Source of Protein
– Keep blood pressure in control
– Improve memory
– Protect against cancer
– Remove anemia (a lack of blood)
– Increase digestion power
– Keep in weight control
– Heart health
– Make bones strong
– Beneficial in diabetes
– Boost body energy
– Beneficial for hair and skin
– Skin shade
– Clear white stain

Disadvantages of eating cashew nuts
– Increase blood pressure
– Weight gain
– Migraine problem
– Gallbladder
– Allergic Reasons
– Allergic Trouble in Pregnancy
– Harmful in diabetes
– Do not eat cashew nuts before operation