Halasana is a crucial form of yoga, which focuses on yoga exercise for diabetes. This is a yoga pose that relaxes the abdominal muscles and also provides strength t it. The nerves in the spinal cord are also nourished well and now you have better and more common methods to cure diabetes.

Halasana has been coming down the ages and has always been a favorite amongst our rishis and sages thus making it a very popular asana.

Meaning :

Hala means plough and asana means pose. So this asana means the Plough Pose.

Technique :

Lie on your back and raise the legs upwards.
Now slowly raise the legs and then touch the ground .
Make sure that the toes are above the ground.
You many repeat the asana for around couple of minutes.

Benefits :

There are many benefits of halasana while it cures the condition of diabetes in the body.
It relieves one of constipation, obesity, liver disorders, as well as dyspepsia thus managing the internal systems, which is one of the reasons Type 1 Diabetes is caused.
The spinal and the abdominal nerves are strengthened and nourished thus providing an easy nervous system thus avoiding stress, which is another cause for diabetes.
Any kind of sprain, neuralgia is cured thus avoiding any problems of the heart, or the digestive system.
Women have a better reproductive system, which aids in balancing the hormones thus providing a stress free body condition.
Menstrual problems are also taken care thus reducing the stress levels. Stress is the major cause of diabetes.

Halasana also has its own therapeutic applications

1. It cures asthma as it manages to relax the entire body functions. This aids in avoiding conditions like diabetes.
2. Cough and cold are never a problem when one performs halasana so the condition of diabetes is also cured through such processes.

Caution :

One should take care that if the person is suffering from cervical spondilyttis, headache, neck problems, or enlarged thyroid or spleen then this yoga pose should be avoided.

Tips :

Do not hold the toes of the feet for a long time as this puts pressure on the spinal cord.

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