In this video, Dr. William Kisker, Cosmetic Dentist in Vernon Hills, IL. explains the importance of treating gum disease. Gum disease, is often untreated, as it is an asymptomatic, insidious infection in the mouth. Chronic gum disease has been attributed to life threatening complications such as heart attack, stroke, and inflammation of the liver. The infection attacks the body and the immune system as the bacteria is carried from the mouth through the blood stream attacking the immune system, and major organs such as the kidneys and brain. Pre-existing health problems such as diabetes has been complicated by gum disease. In one instance, chronic gum disease was discovered to be directly responsible for a spinal abscess that was incurable until the patient was treated by a dentist. Within 5 days of dental treatment for the gum disease, the spinal abscess had receded. Losing your general health can be avoided by regular check- ups.