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Have you ever had frybread, beaver tails, bannock bread at a Native American (Indian) Powwow/Gathering? Ever wonder where it came from? It’s Hidden History? The controversial background of it? How you can make or have it at home? Here’s the Book you need. The only book ever written (that we know of) that has the history, over 200 recipes, culture, historical timeline, the health ramifications, Diabetes (including contact information for help with Diabetes), exchange tables, conversion charts, information on oils and fats for frying and the health aspects of the oil and other ingredients! A step by step photo guide to make your own frybread. Substitution tables to help make healthier frybread. Charts and tables to increase or decrease the size of your favorite recipe. Ever wonder how many teaspoons are in a cup? It’s in this book! Want to use something other than buttermilk in your frybread? It’s in here! Info on songs, art, stories and poetry about frybread? It’s in here. If you ever wanted to know anything about Frybread, it’s most likely in this book. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book is donated to Diabetes and health programs for Native peoples, specifically programs for children, when possible. If you purchase a copy of this book, please leave feedback. Thank you for your support.