After a very insightful sessions with Naina Lal Kidwai, chair, India Sanitation Coalition and Krishna Prasad Chigurupati, chairman and managing director of Granules India, a leading Indian manufacturer of some of the crucial first line of drugs to deal with pain, fever and diabetes, this is the third in the series of FE CONVERSATIONS ON THE ESG IMPERATIVE, where Dr Mukund Rajan, Chairman, ECube Investment Advisors and an expert on ESG has as his interlocutor Meher Pudumjee, the chairperson of Thermax, an engineering company providing sustainable solutions in energy and environment and one that intends to stay sensitive to all the three crucial components of environmental, social and governance (ESG). They discuss a range of issues from the immediate triggers for the ESG imperative, some of the signature initiatives launched by the company and on where focus will need to be in the months and years ahead. Dr Mukund Rajan, who has been the former chairman of the Tata Global Sustainability Council, had co-authored a much read and reviewed book last year titled ‘Outlast -How ESG can benefit your business’. He has been holding the Financial Express (FE) conversations on the ESG imperative. This has been driven by FE’s attempt at triggering thinking and work in the ESG arena and to ensure that genuine efforts and not greenwashing happens. In these conversations, sector experts and corporate leaders who want to stay committed to ESG share their experiences and insights. It is hoped that this will drive new thinking and the search for solutions on an issue that is bound to impact everyone on the planet.

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