Eli Lilly Caps Insulin Cost , at $35 a Month.
Eli Lilly Caps Insulin Cost , at $35 a Month.
NBC News reports that the drugmaker
made the announcement on March 1.
The change comes a month after a provision
in the Inflation Reduction Act imposed a
similar cap for seniors with Medicare.
Experts say other U.S. insulin makers could follow Eli Lilly’s direction in capping the cost of the life-saving medication.
Those with private insurance will have immediate access to the lower cost.
People without insurance can join Eli Lilly’s copay assistance program to be eligible. .
A company spokesperson said all of its
insulin products are covered under the cap.
Drugmakers have long been
scrutinized for their high insulin costs. .
According to public policy think tank the
Rand Corporation, the average price of a vial of insulin in America in 2018 was $98.70.
The American Diabetes Association
reports that approximately 8.4 million people
across the country rely on insulin. .
Three out of 10 diabetics use Eli Lilly products.

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