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Now, it can be very easy to overindulge in some of our favourite
foods, but maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle when it comes
to food plays a huge part in our overall health. And according to the
latest research from Harvard University, it could be time to reassess
our red meat intake.

The research from Harvard University has found strong links between
eating a lot of red meat, and developing type 2 diabetes. The data,
which was pulled from over two hundred thousand participants,
discovered that those eating the most red meat had a 62% higher risk
of developing
the condition, with processed red meat posing a greater risk.

It is suggested that those looking to optimise their health and
well-being should limit themselves to one serving of red meat per
week, and instead opt for healthier sources of protein the rest of the
time, like nuts and legumes, such as beans and lentils.

Even dairy is seen to be a healthier option compared to red meat. Type
2 diabetes can have serious consequences and some people don’t even
know they have it. The advice to lower the risk is to maintain a
healthy weight and eat a healthy diet.