The symptoms of type 2 diabetes…

Generally, increased urination and thirst may be the presenting symptoms in type 2 diabetes..

But there are not so obvious presenting symptoms

And many diabetics have no symptoms initially

When type 2 diabetics have unknowingly had the disease for some time…

they may present with evidence of neuropathic or cardiovascular complications

Chronic skin infections are also common.

The initial complaints of women are itching and symptoms of vaginitis

Diabetes should be suspected in women who have chronic candidal vulvovaginitis…

…those who have delivered babies > 9 lb..

or have had polyhydramnios, preeclampsia, or unexplained fetal losses.

In men, balanoposthitis may occur.

Balanoposthitis is the inflammation of the foreskin and glans of the penis
Many patients with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese.

Even those who are not significantly obese often have fat deposits on the abdomen, chest, neck, and face…

and relatively less fat on the limbs

A waist circumference > 40 inches (102cm) in men…

and 35 inches (88 cm) in women is associated with an increased risk of diabetes.

Acanthosis nigricans may also be present in diabetics

In acanthosis nigricans, the skin in the arm pits, groin, and at the back of neck is darkened and thickened

Acanthosis nigricans is associated with significant insulin resistance

Mild hypertension is often present in obese diabetics.

The preceding was a general overview on the symptoms of type 2 diabetes



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