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Dhanurasana | Yoga pour les débutants complets | Yoga For Diabetes & Tips | About Yoga in French

Dhanurasana or the Yogic Bow Pose, is so called as it resembles a bow when it is performed (“Dhanur” means Bow in sanskrit). In Dhanurasana, body and the legs take the shape of the bow, while the hands look like the string.

Benefits of Dhanurasana (The Bow Pose)

-It improves the strength of the back and the lower abdominal muscles.

-It gives a good stretch to the shoulders, hands, thorax, thighs and the legs.
-It massages the abdomen and internal organs.
-It improves digestion.
-It massages the pancreas and is good for diabetic patients.
-It expands the chest and corrects stooping of the back and shoulders.