For people with diabetes who want to enjoy candy, extra planning is necessary. They must keep track of the number of carbohydrates in their candy and dose their insulin correctly if they use it to manage their condition. It’s important to note that people with diabetes focus on the total carbohydrate count of food and drink, rather than just the sugar content.

Although candy may not be the healthiest snack and can cause blood sugar levels to rise rapidly, it’s essential to keep track of the carbohydrate counts when consuming it.

Sugar-free candy is often considered a healthier alternative to regular candy for people with diabetes, especially children. It is made with artificial sweeteners and can have a lesser impact on blood sugar levels.

However, it’s important to note that sugar-free candy still contains carbohydrates and calories, and therefore can still impact blood sugar. It’s a common misconception that sugar-free candy does not affect blood sugar levels. People with diabetes still need to dose insulin or take glucose-lowering diabetes medications when consuming sugar-free candy.

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