The Grey. So good. So depressing.
I’m just scared about it.
A sports agent apparently (See Yaya Toure)
This sub really has a lot of great info in the wiki. My folks have no history now – everything they had is 2o years ago, and bad. I learned how to manage money through this sub right here.
The thing is for all we know they might have been doing just that, they most likely did use the horn a lot. The lady in the car might just think “well use the horn and flash your lights as much as you want I’m not letting you speed pass”. They should have also had their hazards on which will help get the message across though but yeah it’s more unlikely that they did that. Either way the lady should have moved since she didn’t know what was happening and just assumed.
My roommates are absolutely obsessed with Rick and Morty. I like to watch it from time to time, but I just don’t get the obsession!
Well, it’s not really “can”, it’s more “ken” or “kin”. Arkin-saw.
It’s worse when you actually work in the industry. God, so much entitlement and frivolous spending just to keep the big-time producers and celebrities happy.

Google the price of Academy Award gift-bags if you’re curious.
they have always seemed to be rather possessive of extraplanetary real estate
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…would have been great if there was a deuce smiling up at us after that flush.
Not at all. Fruit is full of sugars (which are linked with diabetes) whereas bread is carbohydrate which is not. The acid and sugar in fruit is also bad for your teeth.

Turns out vitamins really aren’t that important for you as long as you make the recommended amounts (which isn’t very hard).

Yes bread has a higher calorie density, but then it’s about how much you eat rather than what you eat.
Back to the Future. It’s an awesome movie on its own, but I don’t think it would be nearly as memorable without its amazing theme.
To a point, though I can’t speak for a Brazilian fan. You could say that 2014 may have been worse because of the immense hubris (i.e., virtually acting as if Neymar was dying) and possibly the fact that such a humiliation happened again
I would think they’re looking at the U. of Houston coach right now, he’s done great there and this year they are on fire. Imagine if you give him a set of top class recruits, holy moly. Of course LSU are probably looking at him too.
I keep seeing these articles about “Moral decisions of self driving cars” but I don’t believe they understand the way coding works.

In a self driving system the lidar radar and cameras are constantly running. As soon as an obstacle is detected the decision tree goes to “apply maximum braking”. That is it there is no decision to make. Swerving is essentially never the appropriate action and is the result of inattentive driving which causes most accidents. A self driving cars sensors are always active so stopping is always the best option.
Too bad it’s gonna suck.
Is it cutting though?
Aww! Look at his little spots.

Look at his tufted ears!
I don;t think that’s incompatible in the slightest. You can think people have a duty not to hurt each other, but don’t have a duty to help each other. If you believe that abortion is hurting another (which is what pro life people belive), I don’t see the inconsistency.
Us the only purpose of this is so that they don’t mix up babies?
So…will you be dressed as a Mexican?

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