Bhujangasana is a yoga pose that helps to relieve any kind of discomfort in the neck, back and the abdomen. This is very useful for relieving one from anxiety, stress, and depression. This pose helps to keep your back and spine flexible and is a good form of everyday health maintenance.

Usually this is done at any time but preferably to be done in early morning time.

Meaning :

In Sanskrit, the word bhujanga means snake or cobra and the asana means pose . So bhujangasana means the Cobra pose.

Technique :

Lie flat on the stomach and keep the feet together.
Keep your hands under the shoulders and bring your elbows against the chest.
Inhale deeply and closing your eyes feels the stable breathing going through your feet, thighs, and pelvic region.
At the same time keep your arms straight and bring your chest upwards.
Keep the pubic region lifted up towards the navel and the tailbone pressed against ht pubic region.
Remember to keep the shoulders broad and relaxed.
Now exhale and open your eyes and continue to breathe slowly and deeply.
Do not push the ribs too forward and always keep the lower back relaxed.
Bring the body back to the floor.

Benefits :

The cobra pose or bhujangasana helps to strength the muscles in the abdominal region , chest, and the shoulders.
The lower back also relaxes due to this pose.
There is more flexibility in the body and any kind of menstrual irregularities is cured.
This asana is a great mood elevator.
It helps in toning the buttocks and stimulates internal organs like the kidneys and liver.
Any kind of fatigue and stress is relieved with the help of this asana.
Digestion is improved and the spine strengthened.

With diabetes being caused due to stress and bhujangasana taking care of most of the ailments that cause stress, the equation between bhujangasana as a cure for diabetes is perfect.