Ardha Matsyendrasana is a yoga pose that is very good for the spine and the nerves around this area. This needs the body to be extremely flexible and improves the flexibility in the spinal nerves thus making it a very important part of maintaining good health.

This pose is named after Yogi Matsyendranath who is believed to be the first human being who brought yoga to the world. Today all yogic teachings are based on these yogis’ teachings.

Meaning :

Matsya in Sanskrit means Fish and Ardha means half. Asana means pose so Ardha Matsyendrasana means Half Fish pose. It is also called the sitting half spinal twist pose.

Technique :

Sit on the floor and spread your legs in front of you.
Now bend the left legs such that the hips and your left foot are close to each other.
Keep the right foot close to the left knee.
Now take the left arm, keep it on the right knee, and hold the toe of the right foot with your left hand.
Take the right arm around the waist by taking it from behind and touch the navel.
Turn towards right and try to look behind.
Now do the same but on the other side to repeat the asana.

Breathing Technique :

For Ardha Matsyendrasana exhale when you turn the body to the final position. When you reach the final pose inhale and exhale holding each for few seconds. Then increase the intensity gradually. If you are able to keep the position for long, then you would get more health benefits.

Ardha Matsyendrasana as a cure for diabetes

This yoga pose is a half spinal twist pose and is a great boon for curing diabetes. The patient can perform this everyday and this is a pose that helps the beta cells of pancreas to work properly and secrete insulin. When this is done then there is more sugar control in blood, which is good for diabetes as it gets cured.

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