An asana that increases oxygen supply to the lungs and a posture which twist and stretch the spine, stimulating the glands in our body thus boosting the immune system.

This is named after the sage Matsyendra. In this posture twist the waist laterally as show in the picture. If the beginners fell this posture difficult they should practice Vakrasana for a few days. Then it will be easy for them to amuse this posture. Exhale and twist the waist in this posture; Inhale after you return to normal sitting position. Symmetry should always be maintained. If you twist your body six times to the left,you should also twist your body six times to the right.
This is highly useful to control diabetes and kidney troubles. This posture makes the spine elastic. Nerves of the spinal column are toned up. This improves the efficiency of the abdominal viscera, such as liver, spleen, pancreas and the intestines. This eliminates the problems of constipation and dyspepsia(loss of appetite). Artha Matsyendrasana is a wonderful asana and gives you a very high standard of health when practiced in combination with the other asanas of forward and backward bending