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Description: Analyse the severe warning from North Korea in April 2013, by mathematics. The dosage for immunization or strengthening body’s anti-virus strength against lung diseases, like atypical pneumonia, influenza, cure, bird flu, H5N1, H7N9, SARS, asthma, tracheitis and bronchitis, is half. It only needs to take the dosage twice in a day, preferable in the morning and at night. In Wong’s numerology and astrology, destiny is determined by `timeons’ in modules of date & time. Timeons are invisible basic particles of fate. The combination of different timeons forms a special model of time that controls an event in the universe. The space is divided into 12 zones. The direction of `Zone 0′ is north. `Zone 3′ is east. `Zone 6′ is south. `Zone 9′ is west. Three zones are closely related and affect each other named Concurrent Zones (Zc). For example, zones 0,4,8 & 1,5,9 & 2,6,10 are concurrent. Two zones are named Symmetric Zones (Zs) if they are symmetrically lying on two sides of the vertical axis and closely supplementary affecting each other. Zones 0,1 & 2,11 & 3,10 & 4,9 & 5,8 & 6,7 are symmetric. Symmetric Zone Formula: Zs=1-Z (Mod 12). Two zones are called Opposite Zones (Zo) if they are opposite in direction but closely related & affecting each other. Zones 0,6 & 1,7 & 2,8 & 3,9 & 4,10 & 5,11 are opposite. The influences of timeons in opposite zones are the greatest among all combinations. In Wong’s numerology, the model of time is sexagesimal. Time model is expressed by `Stem’ and `Root’. Stems are alphabets in block letter from `A’ to `J’ and roots are numbers from 0 to 11 in the form of `Ln’. Stems are decimal but roots are duodecimal. Besides the time models in stems and roots can be arranged as a periodic table of destiny, they can also be expressed by the value `N’ of their sequence. This is analogous to the periodic table of elements in chemistry. It is the`Sequence Table of Numerology’. The stem & root of year is called `Year Code’. `Yeu’ & `Tor’ are two timeons of massive destruction. The positions of them in year `y’ is Yeu=9+R[y/10]+I[{R[y/10]}/2]-3xI[{R[y/10]}/8] (Mod 12) & Tor=7+R[y/10]+I[{R[y/10]}/2]-3xI[{R[y/10]}/8] (Mod 12). The Stem (U) and Root (Z) Formulae of Year Code are U=7+y (Mod 10) & Z=8+y (Mod 12). The Sequence of Numerology (N) Formula is N=57+y (Mod 60). When the location of `Yeu’ or `Tor’ coincides with the root of year (Z), massive destruction occurs.


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