Yoga and diabetes have their own benefits. It is interesting to see how well yoga helps the body system to function well and cures it of all its problems. Diabetes is condition in the body when there is lesser secretion of insulin thus leading to accumulation of blood sugar. A regular yogic chart for diabetes aids in speedy treatment of diabetes Type 2. However, it is not possible to treat Type 1 Diabetes with yoga, as there is absolutely no insulin in such cases.

Yogic Chart for Diabetes introduces us to the various yoga poses and how they help in curing the body functioning. The asanas, yoga posture have their own benefits. Let us see how the yogasanas help in maintaining good health.

Bhujangasana helps in keeping the joints flexible and the muscles strong. One must perform this 10 times.
Pawanamuktasana helps to keep the spine flexible and keeps the back and neck muscles flexible, and aids in the Digestive System. One should do this five times.
Dhanurasana strengthens the neck and back muscles and aids in strenghtening the lumbar back and neck region. This should be regularly done 10 times. It also brings down the weight in the abdominal region.
Halasana cures menstrual and thyroid problems and adds glow to the face. It also aids in reducing fat in the waist and the abdomen area.
Ustrasana helps to reduce pain in the cervical region and improves circulation of blood to the brain. It also strengthens the abdominal, thigh and knee joint muscles. This should be done for two minutes.
Ardha Matsyendrasana helps the cardiac muscles to function well, increases longevity, cures constipation, and improves beauty. It is also good for the digestive system. It should be done ten times.
Suryanamaskar is good for circulation of blood and improves the functioning of the hear, the digestive system and the endocrine system. It gives beauty and a glow to the face. One should do this ten times.
Pranayama helps to revitalize the energy within and relaxes and calms the mind, and completely cleanses the system.

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