Yoga for kids is very important and it helps the kids to lose weight. There are various ways a child could handle obesity but of all the exercises, yoga is the best. These days with the changing lifestyle the kids face a lot of health problems and obesity has become the main cause of health ailments in children.

Yoga for kids is thus the solution to all problems. Problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease these days find their cure in yoga. In fact there is an astounding 15% of kids who have a Body Mass Index in the range of obesity. Health problems increase the weight in children and it is imperative that one knows to handle this well.

Power Yoga– A solution to health problems.

Power yoga is a kind of yoga that is unique and is based on aerobic activities. Ashtanga yoga as it is called it mainly focuses on using a series of postures called asanas. The main focus of these asanas is flexibility or strength and to give a lot of inner strength to the kid. There are special breathing techniques which enable the kid to grow in a healthy way. Five to ten minutes of relaxation and meditation in yoga for kids is a good way to deal with obesity.

What is Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is the most advanced form of yoga which helps to make good and healthy children. Often children show signs of abnormal lipid profiles which are cured with the help of yoga. Yoga for kids thus deals with the right kind of poses for the right ailments. Yoga is beneficial as it helps to improve the child’s self esteem and also builds confidence for a better life. When children start yoga at a young age then they are sure to have a healthy, happy and safe life.

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