Yoga provides the best solutions to all health problems and also comes with perfect exercises which maintain the body and health. Yoga exercises for diabetes ensure that you are on the right path to health and gives you a reason to stay well and happy always.

With more and more people being diagnosed with diabetes it is a fact that now scientists are searching for the best cure for such ailments. Diabetes deals with controlling one’s blood sugar and focuses on holistic and regular healing. Yoga is a very ancient method of practicing holistic approach towards good health.

Exercise and Diabetes

Today diabetes is a lifestyle disease and has conditions where the insulin produced in the body does not affect the blood cells. A regular exercise regiment helps your body to start responding to insulin and also brings down the blood glucose. Blood circulation improves and the arms and legs have more circulation of blood in them. Diabetic patients usually have problem in the legs and arms. Thus exercise is the best way to fight Diabetes and keeps your mind and body active.

Yoga Exercises for Diabetes

Regular exercise is the best way you could deal with diabetes. It helps to bring down the level of sugar and also brings down the blood pressure. This also maintains your weight and also reduces the symptoms of diabetes. It also brings down the rate of progress of the disease. Complications are lesser with exercise.

Why is Yoga Required for Diabetes

Stress is one of the major causes for diabetes. Stress increases the secretion of a hormone that is responsible for increasing the levels of blood glucose . This hormone glucagon increases the level of glucose in the body. Yog asanas like meditation and pranayam help to reduce the stress and the secretion of glucagon . Insulin action is also improved due to yoga.

Yoga as a Practice for Diabetes

Yoga exercises for diabetes helps to lose weight and slow the down the process of accumulation of fat. For example Surya Namaskar and Kapal Bhaati are some effective poses in yoga which help to lose weight.

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