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Wound healing is a complex and intertwined process consisting of four overlapping phases; hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and remodelling. All four of these processes must occur in sequence and within an adequate time frame for a wound to heal.

Patients with diabetes, or similar conditions, normally have impaired wound healing due to a weakened immune system as well as other internal factors. When the body’s systems are compromised, one or more of the phases of wound healing are likewise impaired.

Non-healing wounds are stagnant in one of these stages, typically the inflammation and proliferation stages.

Factors affecting wound healing:
– Oxygenation
– Infection
– Age
– Stress
– Diabetes
– Obesity
– Medications
– Alcoholism
– Smoking
– Nutrition
– Pressure or friction

At Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre (SDFC), we pride ourselves in achieving and maintaining the gold standard in the healing and management of numerous diabetic foot conditions, utilising the latest technological advancements in medicine to reset the wound healing phase and kick start wound healing.

Clinical precision is adhered all the way down to the fundamentals of diabetic wound care. In addition, we educate patients on their foot condition and help them discern between actual medical advice and myths they might have read on the internet. This is to ensure that our patients are fully capable of making informed decisions when selecting their treatment plan.

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Clinic Locations:

Orchard Clinic
302 Orchard Road . Tong Building #09-02 . Singapore 238862
Tel: (+65) 6884 4123

Kembangan Clinic
18 Jalan Masjid . Kembangan Plaza # B1-02/04/05 . Singapore 418944
Tel: (+65) 6848 5156

Novena Clinic
10 Sinaran Drive . Novena Medical Center #08-12/13 . Singapore 307506
Tel: (+65) 6235 2132

SINGAPORE DIABETIC FOOT CENTRE – a specialised high risk unit of East Coast Podiatry

www.SingaporeDiabeticFootCentre.com.sg | recovery@sdfc.sg

302 Orchard Road, Tong Building #09-01A, Singapore 238862

Tel: (+65) 6732 1486

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