MUMBAI, INDIA — A woman thought to be the world’s heaviest was this week ferried via cargo plane from her home in Alexandria, Egypt to Mumbai, India.

There, Eman Ahmed, who weighs 495 kilograms (about 1,000 pounds), will go on a 25-day liquid diet to reduce her weight by 50 kilograms. Ahmed, 36, suffers from elephantiasis, a condition that causes parts of the body to enlarge.

Ahmed’s right arm and leg are paralyzed due to a stroke, according to the Save Eman Cause BitGiving page. She also suffers from restrictive lung disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cannot speak.

Ahmed will undergo a sleeve gastrectomy, where part of the stomach is severed in order to reduce it to 15 percent of its size, the Times of India reported.

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