People with severe nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy) are susceptible to developing Charcot Foot, a condition that weakens the bones of the foot. Walking wears down the bones to the point that they might break, and with time the foot actually alters its structure. As the condition worsens, the foot develops an irregular shape and a rocker-bottom deformity.

In this video, we’ll talk about Charcot Foot’s causes and symptoms, as well as what you can do at home to treat the condition and prevent it from happening in the first place.

Amputation, severe deformity, and disability are possible outcomes of Charcot Foot. Patients with diabetes, a condition frequently associated with neuropathy, must take precautions and seek early medical attention if symptoms emerge.

Home Treatment of Charcot Foot
– Immediate immobilization of the foot to keep it from collapsing further
– Inspect foot daily – look for cuts, wounds, or anything that could cause breakdown
– Use custom shoes or bracing to prevent further breakdown and ulcers
– Modify activity to avoid repetitive trauma to the feet

How to Prevent Charcot Foot
– Keep blood sugar levels under control to help reduce the progression of nerve damage in the feet
– Check both feet every day — and see a doctor immediately if you notice changes on your foot or skin
– Wear comfortable shoes that don’t put too much pressure or friction on your feet, which might cause skin or foot breakdown

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