Side Effects of Bariatric Surgery | Listen this before Fat Loss Surgery | Death after Surgery
No surgery is without complications and side-effects, this video discusses some of them. Any surgery invokes a natural fear in our mind and we at STAR Hospital strive to clear all doubts of our clients before they undergo any procedure.

STAR Hospital – Region’s First Internationally Certified Super-Specialist Centre for Bariatric Surgery | Weight Loss Surgery | Metabolic Surgery | Diabetes Surgery

Dr. Jasmeet Singh Ahluwalia
Super-Specialist Bariatric, Metabolic & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon

STAR Hospital
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For International Patients-
– Tour planning & help in medical visa
– Airport pickup and drop
– Deluxe Suit
– Local accomodation
– Long term followup from India

How to lose weight? Its a question millions are asking. We at our center use the latest scientific knowledge to answer this question and offer solutions which are customized to your body needs –
– Diet plans for weight loss (dieting)
– Exercise for weight loss
– Physiotherapy
– Lifestyle changes
– Phycho-counselling
– Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss Surgery) – Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB), Sleeve Gastrectomy (LSG), Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RYGB), LSG with Proximal Jejunal Bypass, LSG with Duodenojejunal Bypass
– Liposuction
– Tummy Tuck

Once your BMI (Body Mass Index) exceeds 30, you may not be able to lose sufficient weight without surgery. Excess weight is overloading every organ of your body and eventually decreasing their life span. Bariatric Surgery done at a reasonable age can remit most of obesity related diseases (Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, respiratory trouble etc.) and can add upto 15 years to your life span.

Visit us for Best Bariatric Surgery | Weight Loss Surgery | Metabolic Surgery | Diabetes Surgery | Laparoscopic Surgery | Key Hole Surgery in Punjab, India:

Dr. Ahluwalia is a Super-Specialist in this field and has a vast experience of over a decade. Thousands of patients have been operated by him and are living a new beautiful life now. Being a pioneer surgeon, he has been instrumental in new research and has published numerous international papers and authored various book chapters as well. STAR Bariatric is certified by International Excellence Federation (Taiwan) for Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery. Feel Safe in our World Class Centre.

Diabetes surgery or Diabetic surgery is a kind of metabolic surgery done for not so obese individuals who are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes and are not able to keep it under control with medicines.

Bariatric Surgery has gained a lot of momentum over last decade worldwide as well as in In

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