In his latest report for ASEE PRISM, the young engineer from Technion Institute of Technology,, talks about the days of impatience and inventions when constructed new, simple but effective solutions for the Air Force aircrafts. It came out just as it was expected – to help pilots maintain the stability of airplanes. This was made by Shimon Haber projecting new type of electronic contact lenses, capable to measure the level of heat generated at the tailpipe. As recognition for this invention, Shimon Haber was awarded with the Air Force Prize.
After many years Shimon Haber became a dean at Technion, and today the faculty is more focused on providing ground for neurologists collaborating with chemical and electrical engineers, and looking forward at implementing nanotechnology in everyday science. One of the main ideas of Shimon Haber is to prepare the ground for new generation of scientists, engineers which will feel comfortable with the world of engineering.

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