Rockville Chiropractor, Dr. Avram Weinberg speaks about preventative care in this video interview. Dr. Avram Weinberg shares some of the tips to help us stay healthy, and that will in fact prevent us from catching diseases. Dr. Avram Weinberg mentions that in his practice the first step he takes is that he makes a full evaluation of the body to make sure the patient maintains a healthy eating habit. Also mentions that exercising regularly helps us stay healthy, and prevent serious diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, among others. Rockville Chiropractor, Dr. Avram Weinberg recommends patients to visit the doctor regularly to make sure they are healthy. For more videos visit Holistic Chiropractor Rockville MD at,

Holistic Chiropractor Rockville, Dr. Avram Weinberg, also serves the cities of: Garrett Park, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Rockville, Chevy Chase, Suburb Maryland Fac, Takoma Park

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