Pray for the ones who
Have cancer, who have
Diabetes, who have tumors.
These people wish to
Have nothing like this
In their body.

We are lucky to be
Healthy and strong.

My only wish is that
I wish this never happens to anyone.
I wish that the doctors can work
Harder than they do.

Life isn’t easy when you
Know someone who is
Deeply sick and close
To dying.

Life is hard knowing
Someone is struggling
To fight their sickness away.

Just pray for those people.
The more you pray, the
More miracles that happen everyday.

Ask God for something,
He will answer your prayers.

Our lovers, friends, family
Need those prayers everyday.
It means so much for them.
Even if it was only for
two minutes, that prayer will do something.

Don’t let the person give up.
Have faith in them.
Make them feel comfortable.
Don’t let them feel bad.

Just because they are sick,
It doesn’t mean they are
Different from us.
We are all human.

Just pray every day, night, morning, evening.
It means a lot to the family….

RiRi S…

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