Regular Sugar Vs. Splenda – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. The pros of Splenda over your sugar are that you are able to have sweetness of sugar but you do not have to have the calories that is associated with that. The cons of the Splenda over sugar are that it is more chemically processed and we are really not sure of the longterm effects effect of some of these artificial sweeteners, in what they have and how they affect our bodies. Some research has shown that it takes an awful large amount in these studies to show any effect. So, again, I just recommend using those in moderation. Another great option that you can choose is with a plant called Stevia. It is a natural sweetener and there are many sweeteners out there that are made from the Stevia plant. Those are the Purevia and Truvia. So if you are still concerned about the Splenda, then try some of those options. Especially if you have diabetes or are trying to loose weight, because you really have to keep your blood sugars in control and really watch the amount of sugar that you take in.

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