Predictions made on our site were scarily accurate. Trump victory, wave of terror in European capitals, crumbling of European Union. So many of you asked why if we have real time machine not to bring the cancer cure. So we did. It was not easy because in the future Clintons people are still in power and they dont want you to know about it. But in 100 years we will have a cancer free world. And they achieved it by combining 9 fors together.r
Number one. Leading cancer causing for is RF radiation. RF radiation or radiofrequency radiation is emitted by your house smart meters, Cell phone towers, Mobile phones, antennas, Microwaves, WiFi routers, Security scanners.r
Number two. Chemicgally processed food with myriad of artificial preservatives and ingredients in combination with obesity and overweight will virtually grantee cancer. r
So unless you live in the cabin in the woods and eat food that you grow chances are you will have cancer.r
Now, how to cure it. There are 7 cures we learned that have to be used at the same time. 6 available right now and free or cheap and 1 was not invented yet. Separately, they might not work. One: starvation. Once you are on staving diet, you fat cells die and cancer cell die with them. Number two. Lowering your body temperature (especially the part of it affected by cancer). It can be achieved by moving to colder places. Why you think Nordic people are almost cancer free? Number three. In the future they use ultrasound ion therapy on the organs affected by cancer (it still not yet discovered but it will be next year). Number four. Hypoxia – reduce blood and oxygen flow to the organs affected by cancer. It can be achieved by lifting up the affected organ above the others when sleeping, sitting, etc. Number five. Spread this video to help others. Number six. Mind over matter. Positive thinking. Number seven and the most important. Flower pollen. You will find it in sourwood honey.r
It takes 12 honeybees their entire lives to make a single teaspoon of pure honey. The final product is one of the healthiest substances on the planet.r
Honey can kill beria, viruses, fungi and even cancer. It lowers your cholesterol and overall inflammation—two other leading risk fors for heart disease in the United States.r
But dont let that cute little plastic bear at the grocery store fool you. Youve seen the labels with “pure Grade-A honey” printed on them. Well its fraud.r
Most honey on sale in the United States is fake.r
A sampling of over 70 varieties shows that 80 percent of honey bought in U.S. groceries isnt ually honey. It doesnt even contain pollen at all but its useless sweetener that will cause you diabetes.r
Its just another processed product stripped of nutritional value. Processing honey removes its pollen, antioxidants, and nutrients. What you are left with is sweet syrup.r
Honey manufurers say removing pollen helps the shelf life of the product and makes it impossible to trace where it came from. They also say clear honey just looks more appealing.r
Unbelievably, they also add in artificial sweeteners and corn syrup to cut costs and make a sweeter product.r
Once again, its “shelf” over “health.” The food industry doesnt care if the product is harmful as long as it has a profitable shelf life.r
The good news is that honey has tremendous healing power if you eat the right kind. Most organic honey, tends to have a lot of pollen in it. r
Its easy to tell the difference between raw and processed. Raw honey is cloudy and solid at room temperature. This is the honey thats anti-berial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal and anti-cancer.r
Its full of B-vitamins, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. It helps prevents coughs and colds. Studies show raw honey even reduces allergy symptoms by 60 percent. New Zealand, Manuka and Brazil honey are the best.r
That doesnt mean you can eat it by the jar. Remember its still a sugary sweetener. You might cure your cancer but still get diabetes. And if you are severely allergic to pollen, raw honey can cause a strong reion. Be sure to get your raw honey from an organic source to lessen the risk of food poisoning.r
Now you know how to cure cancer. Please, tell others about it. And you can also listen why Clintons try cover it up.

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