LOWEST PRICES ON SECURITY EQUIPMENT!!! Lowest prices on security equipment that I’ve found. Cheaper than ebay and amazon. It truly is worth becoming a member. Everyone was so friendly. W.S.

COUNSELING IS WORTH THE MEMBERSHIP!!! Press2assist professional counseling is worth the membership alone. A.S.

I CAN HAVE FREE ALARM MONITORING!!! Then I find out that the central station with Press2assist is also 5-diamond rated, the highest there is, and the last company didn’t even provide that. I’m obviously pretty unhappy with the alarm company, and sold on Press2assist. Nick S.

MY BROTHER HAS DIABETES…!!! My brother has diabetes and that’s why my sisters and I were getting him Press2assist. When we checked into it and found out what they(Press2assist) could do for us, we all wanted it for our own families. I would highly recommend Press2assist to everyone I know. T.T.

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