Hi, I am Dr. Niteen Dedhia, I am an ophthalmologist and medical director of Ojas Eye Hospital we have two centers in Mumbai one in Kandivali and one in Bandra.

Understanding Retina by Dr. Niteen Dedhia
I am going to speak to you about one of the very important structure of the eye called the Retina. Retina is a neuro sensory layer which lines the outer surface of the eye and it is one of the most important structures which gives as vision it connects the light from outside to the image which is form in the brain if the connect is affected in any way then we will not be able to perceive what we are saying outside and we are not able to see the image what we have seen outside there are certain cells in the retina called the rods and cones and these cells are impulse with a light with falls on it and this impulse then reach the brain and image is formed.

Condition that affects retina
There are many conditions where the retina is affected one of the most common conditions is diabetes. Diabetes affects this nerve cells and the blood vessels which come to the retina. There is leakage of fluid and blood into the retina from the blood vessels and they give rise to dimension of vision and their unable to see the objects because of the bleeding which occurs in diabetes.

So, one has to keep a watch on the control of diabetes at all time and check up with retina specialist if very necessary if a person has the diabetes also regular follow ups is very important every six months if you have diabetes patients who have high blood pressure also have a problem into the retina where they develop blood vessel disease leading to vision problems due to hypertension and it affects the normal eye sights of the individual so it’s very important to control the blood pressure all patients so that their vision does not get affected and they are able to see well throughout our life. one of the problems which we see after the age of 70 years is called age related macular degeneration and that is a condition where the cells of the retina get affected and there is loss of central vision and inability to be read then individuals above the age of 17 and affects the normal working of the individual. So, it is very important that those individuals have difficulty in reading after they age of 17 should have consultation with the eye doctor and ensure retina specialist specially and who allowed this condition.

All individuals who are either diabetic, hypertensive, having blood pressure problem or having age related macular degeneration over the age of 70 years should visit an eye doctor every 6 months to 1 year so as to preserve their vision.

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