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Lyrics: Creepy likeKane, creepy like Freaks.
Two headed ladies and ladies with beards.
Gold in exchange to let the Cow Head Sleep.
How many people think aliens are real?
How many people eat sushi with eel?
How many people celebrate Halloween?
Did you wear a costume last year?
I dressed as Deniro from Cape Fear.
One year I was Norm from the show Cheers.
I even walked around with an open beer.
Arrested then acquitted by a jury of my peers.
A Michael Jackson wannabe,Is the Man in the Mirror.
Stayed in the Bates Motel, things got weird
Norman Bates tried to recreate the shower scene.
Got out of the way, won’t die young like James Dean.
Got him first. Bates let out a big scream.
Call me the Creepy Freaky Man. This is a Creepy Freaky Brand.
Call me the Creepy Freaky Man. We are a Creepy Freaky Band.
Creepy like Bane, the creepy Nicholas Cage.
Every person gets creepier with age.
What’s that noise, the people under the stairs.
First degree murder can get you the electric chair.
Some people don’t care, they do it anyways.
They found cancer in the chest X-rays.
Nothing to live for means nothing to lose.
Be careful Michael Myers is on the loose.
Jason Vorhees and Freddy Kreuger are too.
Watchout; Pumpkinhead’s looking for you.
As well as the creature from the black lagoon,
If you die you don’t come back like in a cartoon,
I just want peace and love, but there’s impending doom.
A zombie apocalypse is coming real soon.
It’s an American Horror Story Nightmare that’s come true.
Watch out they are coming for you!
Call me the Creepy Freaky Man. This is a Creepy Freaky Brand.
Call me the Creepy Freaky Man. We are a Creepy Freaky Band.
Girls dressed as nuns, rich kids dressed as bums,
It’s all kind of dumb but It’s all in good fun. The parents are all drunk.
Boys with plastic guns, on a normal day will get you shot by a cop.
Eating tons of candy, Will turn your kids into fatties
The sugary food you are eating, Will give you diabetes, These companies give you more.
So you’ll be hooked for sure. Monsanto is worse than ISIS, but they sure can hide it
They poison vegetables and rice. They call it golden rice. Beware of your diet, you just might die. They make you believe everything is alright.
The politicians are paid real nice to stay quiet.
It’s got to start with us and the time to start is now.
It’s time to start caring.Before we all fall down.
It’s time to start caring, before we all start to drown.
It’s time to turn off our tellies and turn up right NOW!
Serial Killers, Junkies, and Rapists. The world is such a creepy freaky place.
Corporate blowhards, religious zealots. The world is such a creepy freaky place.

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