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December 9, 2013 – Round Rock Texas

Round Rock Chiropractic Clinic Murphy Family Chiropractic has been treating patients with all types of pain for many years. The most common areas for treatment have been neck pain, back pain and chronic headaches. Recently there has been an increasing number of patients requesting various forms of Neuropathy Treatment and as a result Murphy Family Chiropractic in Round Rock will begin treating Neuropathy with the same care that goes into its other treatments.

What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy means damage to nerves in the peripheral nervous system, and so affects nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord – it does not include nerve damage in the central nervous system.

Three main types of nerve can be involved in peripheral neuropathy:
 Autonomic nerves (not under conscious control, “automatic” or “involuntary” nerves)
 Motor nerves
 Sensory nerves.
Autonomic nerves regulate the automatic functions of the body – for example, heart rate and blood pressure, sweating, and so on.

Motor nerves control the muscles of the body and are under our conscious control.

Sensory nerves pass sensations from a part of the body to the brain, including information about cold, heat and pain.

People often describe the pain of neuropathy as being a tingling or burning sensation.

What causes neuropathy?
Physical trauma, repetitive injury, infection, metabolic problems and exposure to toxins and some drugs can all lead to peripheral neuropathy.
Most cases of neuropathy are found in people who have the metabolic disorder diabetes, when it is known simply as diabetic neuropathy.

Diabetic neuropathy is a microvascular complication: excess blood glucose in people with diabetes can, over a number of years, injure the walls of tiny blood vessels supplying nerves, especially those in the legs. The consequence of the nerve damage can be an inability to feel pain, and so problems can go unnoticed by people with diabetes, for example because of “insensate” injury to their feet.

The medical profession has continued to use high levels of pain medications as the answer to this problem. That solution only masks the real issue and puts the patient in a lower functioning medicated state.

For more information on how start the journey to be pain free call Murphy Family Chiropractic at 512-782-8922. The initial visit for Neuropathy Treatment is Free and comes with an evaluation and plan of action towards wellness.

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