Helps control Diabetes and other degenerative diseases and Unlike any other food, Phytoplankton is being hailed as the new ‘super food’ as it is 100% nutritionally useful and bio-available to the body; when you eat it, nothing whatsoever gets wasted. Most normal foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, meat and fish actually contain less than 50% nutritional value that is useful to the body. During the digestive process humans produce a significant quantity of waste by-products from consuming these conventional foods. These waste by-products produce toxicity and stress in the body, particularly if the gut, liver and other organs are not functioning correctly. Over time, this toxic stress overload can lead to illness and disease, hence the record levels of drugs being prescribed nowadays. For The Truth About Using and Ordering Marine Phytoplankton Call Don Carl Direct at (702) 490-9584

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