Hey guys… I know I declared that I won’t upload anything until I hit the big 50, but I decided to make an exception this time because it’s EEIIIIDDDDD!

EID MUBARAK all you lovely people! Hope you guys have an awesome day amidst your loved ones! May Allah shower his love and blessings on every single one of you (celebrating or not). For those not celebrating, Happy Saturday/Weekend!

I quickly put together a small Eidi (gift) for you guys… a cute little VM on an upcoming drama, Sadqay Tumhaare—how cute is the title?! All I know so far is: the promos are ultra adorable, Mahira is looking as gorgeous as ever, MashaAllah and that it’s a Pakistani show—so, basically… ummm… I cannot WAIT for it to start!

When looking for a song to vid the couple from Sadqay Tumhaare, I had a very specific set of criteria: the song should have diabetes-inducing sweet lyrics, a sleepily soothing melody and a touch of innocence to it. I narrowed the list down to three songs and this won because… I guess it appealed to me most at the time!

So, I hope this VM contributes a bit of happiness to your Eid + weekend! As always, keep smiling—let me know what you think of it and make my day!

Now, you guys enjoy the video and I’ll go and catch some z’s!

retro rapunzel ツ

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