Olive oil is advertised as the healthiest oil available, but is it really as healthy? Nutritionist and fitness consultant Iram Zaidi says “To be honest there is no oil (or any specific kind of food) that promotes fat loss. The only thing that helps is being calorie deficit and adjusting your macros.” Here is how you can choose the right fat for your diet. As per dietician Pooja Thacker from Bhatia Hospital, “Smoke point—or temperature at which the oil starts to break down—is another factor,” she says adding, “MUFA is anti-atherogenic so it is good even when it gets deposited in arteries. It is good for people who have platelet coagulation. MUFA helps prevention of cardiac diseases.” It is important to look out for PUFA and MUFA content in the oils. Also, PUFA has omega 3, which is anti-inflammatory and prevents diseases such as diabetes and depression. Janvi Chitalia, fitness nutritionist agrees. “The truth about cooking oil is there is no specific oil that can aid fat loss as oil is made of pure fats (1 unit of fat = 9 calories). However, switching from a diet high in saturated fat to one high in monounsaturated fat can help,” she says. So which are the best oils? Olive oil is considered healthy but is not good or Indian cooking. And though coconut oil is very light and easily digestible, it cant be used for most Indian food. Our experts suggest Canola oil… which has higher omega-3 content and a lower percentage of saturated fats. However, no matter which oil you pick, its consumption must be moderate. Fat should not constitute more than 20% of the total calorie intake. Remember what experts always say: The key to fitness is to keep everything in moderation.

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