The film shows the microwave environmental pollution of a commercially available wireless mouse. Wireless mice and wireless keyboards radiate about 5 to 10 meters and penetrate walls / doors effortlessly.
The only area that you can still shield against the state microwave terror via mobile communications, WLAN, DECT, etc. is your home!
Use this chance to regenerate!
Public buildings, squares, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, old people’s homes, hotels and public transport are contaminated with high-frequency, pulsed microwaves across the board!
Tablets (2.4 GHz microwaves) are now also being introduced in kindergartens! Medication consumption and health insurance premiums are rising to dizzying heights! The coalition of mobile phone and pharmaceutical mafia generates billions in sales at the expense of your health!
Do you suffer from headaches in your home or at work? Do you sleep badly? Are you suffering from unexplained fatigue or rashes? Does your child have ADHD? Do you have a cry baby? Do you suffer from other mental disorders that disappear, for example when you are in nature or simply outside your home? Then it is high time to measure the microwave exposure in your home and, if necessary, implement shielding! The area-wide forced irradiation with high-frequency microwaves is being promoted vigorously and every person has a tolerance limit that will be reached sooner or later. One does not want to believe that the microwaves are the cause of the suffering, because it was fine up to now! The harmful effect is hushed up by politicians, because you cannot win elections with such topics! Protect yourself! High-frequency microwave radiation worsens the flow properties of the blood, which, depending on the disposition, can lead to thrombosis / stroke. It also puts the body in an inflammatory position (rheumatism, diabetes, rashes, high blood pressure, allergies, leukemia), causes DNA breaks, promotes cell degeneration (cancer) and accelerated tumor growth! All in all a dangerous friend who you can get rid of as quickly as possible!

Der Film zeigt die Mikrowellen-Umgebungsbelastung einer handelsüblichen Funkmaus. Funkmäuse und Funktastaturen strahlen ca. 5 bis 10 Meter und durchdringen Wände/ Türen mühelos.
Den einzigen Bereich, den Sie noch gegen den staatlichen Mikrowellenterror via Mobilfunk, WLAN, DECT etc. abschirmen können, ist Ihr Zuhause!
Nutzen Sie diese Chance zur Regeneration!
Öffentliche Gebäude, Plätze, Schulen, Kindergärten, Spitäler, Altenheime, Hotels, öffentliche Verkehrsmittel sind flächendeckend mit hochfrequenten, gepulsten Mikrowellen verseucht!
Auch im Kindergarten werden jetzt Tablets (2,4 GHz Mikrowellen) eingeführt ! Medikamentenverbrauch und Krankenkassenprämien steigen in schwindelerregende Höhen! Die Koalition von Mobilfunk- und Pharmamafia generiert auf Kosten Ihrer Gesundheit Milliardenumsätze!

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