What Is Rice Cake ? Rice Cake Is a Food Item Made From Rice That Has Been Shaped, Condensed, Or Otherwise Combined Into A Single Object. A Wide Variety Of Rice Cakes Exist In Many Different Cultures In Which Rice Is Eaten. Here’s Why Rice Cakes Are Bad For Our Health Low Nutritional Value The Protein In Rice Cakes Is Incomplete, Which Means That It Does Not Have Enough Proportion Of Essential Amino Acids. High In Calories Extra Sugar Or Fat Is Added To Flavored Rice Cakes Making Them Higher In Calories. Caramel Rice Cake Has About 45 Calories No Fiber Content Rice Cakes Provide Carbohydrates But No Fiber Or Proteins. High Glucose Level Rice Cakes Have A High Glycemic Index Of 87 Foods That Rapidly Raise Blood Glucose Levels Create A High Insulin Demand, Which Affects People With Diabetes.

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