HbA1c is medical blood test usually used to average the blood sugar level in body. HBA1C is known as hemoglobin A1C diagnostic test which average the blood sugar level in blood for past 3-4 months which help in diagnosing the diabetes level of patient.

This is one of the most important test in diagnose and treatment process of sugar/diabetes patient. this video by Dr Aurangzeb Afzal diabetes specialist covers the importance of HbA1C test and the metrics of HbA1c. Many patient asked us about the HbA1c test.

This video is part of series in which we guide and spread awareness to diabetic patient or sugar patient in urdu so that they know more about their dieseas and take informed decision with help of expert doctor. The purpose of this video is never encourage you about self medication its just to aware you about diabetes and sugar.

HbA1c target value, Best HbA1c value. HbA1c ranges from 2-22 in value which identifies the level of sugar in blood from past some time. It also help in identifying is the sugar level control or high or low.

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