Foot Doctor Sacramento, Dr. David Kahan speaks about diabetes problems that target people with feet pain. Diabetes problems are detected most of the time by a foot doctor. Dr. David Kahan mentions how most of the time patients schedule a medical appointment and tell the doctor that a nail, or a rock has been bothering the bottom of their feet. Dr. David Kahan examines the feet and breaks the news to the client and tell them that the foot pain they been dealing with is not from a nail , or a rock, and that simply is from diabetes. Diabetes causes poking and tingling sensations in different areas of the feet, making people believe that they have simple been poked by a nail or a rock. For more information visit y our local Sacramento podiatrist. For more videos visit:

Foot Doctor Sacramento, Dr. Kahan also serves the cities of: Sacramento, Carmichael, 95825, 95813, 95864, 95819, 95821, 95826, 95816, 95838.

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